Pre-St. Patrick’s Day Celeberation

Ready for FUN! O’Connell Family Wines Pre-St Patrick’s Day Celebration Tasting. The O’Connell Family is 6 generations Californian, but when it comes to St Patrick’s Day, celebrating our roots IS PRIORITY #1. Bring your friend & family bubble to join … Read More

Jambon Beurre
Jambon Beurre

A traditional French breakfast toast paired with wine; some believe wine invigorates the body. Try it, you decide! 

Must Have Kitchen Tool: The Olive Oil Mister

Save time, save calories with an olive oil mister A stainless steel Olive Oil Mister is an indispensable tool in the O’Connell Family kitchen. We gently spray our GC Napa Valley olive oils instead of applying with a basting brush. Spray on sides of meat, chicken or fish to bast before grilling, or … Read More

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