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An emulsion is a viscous mixture of two ‘unfriendly’ liquids that normally cannot be unified, such as vinegar and oil. No matter how hard they are mixed, the vinegar and oil eventually separate. Certain ‘helper’ substances, called emulsifiers, encourage the vinegar and oil to become united as ‘friends.’ To achieve a stable, emulsified, creamy salad dressing, the oil must be added very, very slowly at first in droplets, while fiercely whisking or using a blender. The rapid blending action and slow addition of the oil droplets allows the droplets to become suspended in the vinegar-emulsifier mixture. The emulsifiers (helper ingredients) in our Lemon-Basil Vinaigrette (for Baby Spinach with Wild Mushroom Sauté) are Dijon mustard and GC Napa Valley Natural Foraged Wild Mint Infused Honey. Happy whisking!


Do you want to get the cook dressing mixer featured in this video?  It was made by Pampered Chef and we love this tool because you can mix your dressing and keep it safely in this container.  Not only that, if your oil separates it is easy to wisk it up again, good as new.

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