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by Valerie Owens

In pursuit of a “life well lived”, creating an environment fastened to the earth lies at the heart of Gabrielle Collection taste +. Estate driven, all of the organic product lines emphasize health and wellness. In her latest venture, Proprietor of Gabrielle Collection taste + and O’Connell Family Wines, Gabrielle Leonhard O’Connell, has developed an exclusive gift program, offering a taste of the Napa Valley this holiday season.

“Everything relates back to our philosophy,” expressed Gabrielle. “We farm our estate vineyard and vineyard gardens organically and sustainably. It’s a mindset of how you live your life day to day and minute to minute. We are excited to share our collection of Napa grown and made products and gifts from that point of view. Our gifts have a message. Natural luxury is the best


Stewards of the Dry Creek rivershed located in the Oak Knoll District of Napa Valley , Gabrielle and her husband, Wayne O’Connell have cultivated a lifestyle showcasing the roots of their estate through the culinary, wine, spa, home, and pooch product lines.Organically farmed since 2000, and farmed sustainable since 1990, the certified organic Napa Valley O’Connell Vineyard Estate produces botanical based products that contribute to healthy daily lifestyle free of artificial chemicals.


“Our Napa Valley O’Connell Vineyard Estate lavender is the key ingredient of our luxury,

botanical based products,” explained Leonhard O’Connell. “Its thought to be natural antiseptic, antifungal and antioxidant attributes may help cleaning and self-care be more effective while its aroma emits a sense of freshness.”


Based on an effort to ‘Enrich the growing environment to create biodiversity needed to keep the estate vineyard and gardens naturally healthy and then reap the bounty to create products that make daily life joyful,’ the GC Napa Valley spa line offers the Vineyard Estate Essential Oil, Pure Body Wash, Luxury Body Lotion, Body Refresh, Pure Lavender Water, Nourishing Hand Wash, Therapeutic Epsom Bath Salts, Exfoliating Body & Foot Scrub and Calming Mist.



Providing the same calming and healing characteristics for dogs as humans, lavender is the central ingredient for the Pooch product line. Offering, Hot Spot Soothing Spray, Relaxing Lavender Almond Oil, Bed Refresh Spray And Calming Wash, dogs can experience everyday.



The GC Napa Valley Home line includes the Kitchen & Bath Counter Refresher,  Air Fresh, Gardner’s Hand Soap and Linen Spray to enhance the home with well-being.



The GC Napa Valley culinary line consists of estate grown ingredients from the estate

olive grove, lavender field, herb garden, citrus and fruit orchard. The products include

herbs, honey and sugar, olive oil, vinegar, rubs, sea salt and pepper and cocktail rim seasonings.



The GC Napa Valley gift program offers a full concierge experience allowing customers to collaborate and select the perfect gift from the GC Napa Valley product portfolio or a custom solution. It is a collaborative program to make gift giving creative and fun.

 “You provide the gift requirements, we provide gift solutions,” said Leonhard O’Connell.

Whether it is wine from their O’Connell Family Wines exclusive portfolio including the Gabrielle Collection Cabernets, or Pietro Family Cellars award winning white wines or the esteemed O’Connell Family Vineyards or themed wine and food gifts combing GC Napa Valley with paired wine such as our Napa BBQ Essentials.  The gift concierge program offers unique gifts for both personal and business giving.

“Our goal is to provide an authentic based gift that is socially responsible,” said Leonhard O’Connell. “ It is important to us that quality and thoughtfulness go behind every gift we put together.”

Originally published in Napa Life Magazine  October 2020 Annual Gift Guide