Sipping with Gabrielle – Pietro Family Cellars- Pinot Noir Russian River 2009

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Pietro Family Cellars - Pinot Noir Russian River 2009
OVERVIEW PIETRO FAMILY CELLARS PINOT NOIR RUSSIAN RIVER 2009 WINE TASTED ON FEB 6, 2019 NOTES Color: rich medium garnet Aromatics: Strawberries, rhubarb and spice. Flavor: It followed the aromatics. Deep fruit with classic Pinot earthiness. Finish: Medium long, steady; did not fall off. Aging Potential- an educated guess: 3-5 years with continued fruitiness; overall 20+ years from harvest.


By Gabrielle Leonhard O’Connell

Director of Winemaking, O’Connell Family Wines

FROM MY POINT OF VIEW The rich color, aromatics and texture was deeply satisfying right now, so an ideal moment to enjoy this wine. The Pinot Noir continued to open over an hour’s time, which indicates to me that it has continued aging potential. I loved the perfect integration of the wine, so I will be opening more bottles in the coming months. Personally, I enjoy wine when it still shows fruit rather than losing that quality with continued aging. If you like the earthy taste of aged Pinot Noir, put it down for five to ten more years. We enjoyed it for our personal happy hour with mild cheeses- gruyere and gouda. Made for a great Wednesday evening at home! Learn more about Pietro Family Cellars HERE.


CURRENT AVAILABILITY 2009 VINTAGE: Sold out. Our wines are thoughtfully handcrafted, so production is limited. Availability is guaranteed by joining the Decanter Society to receive shipment upon release. Sign up. CURRENT AVAILABILITY OF PAST VINTAGES LIBRARY PINOT NOIR: 2013 only 6 bottles available FUTURE VINTAGE: Pietro Family Cellars Pinot Noir 2018 will be released early 2019. SIGN UP FOR PRE-RELEASE RESERVATION: Say Pinot 2018 reservation