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In May 2016 the Napa Valley O’Connell Family Estate was granted 100% organic certification status by CCOF, the California organic certification agency.

The O’Connell Family Estate olives, lavender and grapes were previously organically certified, but now all herbs and fruits are included as well. All of our estate has been grown organically for 28 years, but grow within an environment of our gardens which contain not only products we grow but also ornamental roses and flowering plants. Now every neighboring plant has been deemed organic.

Our staff is committed to vigorously uphold organic standards to assure you receive the ultimate quality. We are extremely proud to have achieved this pinnacle of quality. All GC Napa Valley products labeled organic has its origin on our estate. We are very proud to present products for your enjoyment and gift giving with known origin, ultimate craftsmanship and a flair for luxury.

To find our GC Napa Valley products, visit Gabrielle Collection taste+ when in Napa Valley at 1000 Main Napa, Ca.