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Save time, save calories with an olive oil mister

Williams Sonoma Oil Mister

We recommend this oil mister from Williams Sonoma

A stainless steel Olive Oil Mister is an indispensable tool in the O’Connell Family kitchen. We gently spray our GC Napa Valley olive oils instead of applying with a basting brush. Spray on sides of meat, chicken or fish to bast before grilling, or bast a turkey while roasting. It saves the O’Connell Family winery culinary team time and it uses less of our artisan GC Napa Valley Olive Oil. We even use the mister to “grease“ a cookie sheet, parchment paper or wax paper liner. For the calorie conscious, mist the salad leaves before tossing with vinegar, such as our GC Napa Valley Cabernet vinegar, to use far less oil thawhisking the oil and vinegar together in a traditional fashion 

Tips for Your Oil Mister

  • O’Connell Family culinary team sprays our artisan GC Napa Valley Olive Oils on to evenly coat meat, chicken or fish to bast before grilling or bast a turkey while roasting.
  • Use the mister to “grease“ a cookie sheet, parchment paper or wax paper liner.
  • For the calorie conscious, mist the salad leaves before tossing with vinegar, such as our GC Napa Valley Cabernet vinegar, to use far less oil than whisking the oil and vinegar together in a traditional fashion.
  • The O’Connell Family team keeps the misters clean by frequently using up the oil- fill the mister with 1/2 cup of olive oil at a time or a week’s worth of use. When empty, disassemble all parts and soak in water with some baking soda (it cleanses odors as well as cuts though the oil). Then put in soapy water for 5 to 10 minutes and swish the soapy water inside the olive oil reservoir and the tube. Rinse with clean water and put into the dishwasher. I do not want residual olive oil to remain in the mister, as it will turn rancid. That would be both unhealthy and provide very unpleasant flavors to your dish.
  • I personally have four misters: one for a mild extra virgin olive oil, one for a savory extra virgin olive oil, one for a citrus macerated olive oil and one for an herb macerated olive oil. I am armed and ready to put the finishing flavor layer to my food.

It is such a handy tool and timesaver. Olive oil misters are readily available online at Williams Sonoma and usually cost around $29. Don’t buy a cheap one as the pump does not work well.

Here’s  to saving time to enjoy relaxing and to saving calories to spent on a great glass of wine. 

Gabrielle O’Connell, winemaker 

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