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GC Napa Valley Spa - BathI feel we have been conditioned from childhood to cherish the bath experience. Joyful, splashy, playful early memories are translated into adult joys of pampering with warm, enveloping quiet luxury or perhaps awakening the body with a cold bath or the Kneipp experience (hot bath followed by cool water or a jump in the snow). A bath can be shared inspired by historical communal bath houses traditional in Europe, Japan, Turkey and beyond to enjoy social interaction, or in relaxing solitude at home or at a Spa.


The healing power of water has been known for thousands of years. Cleopatra’s bathing routine was essential to her daily health and beauty regimen. Ancient Roman and Greek civilizations created the art of bathing as a therapeutic ritual to stimulate, relax, purify and re energize the body. Today, in our busy lives, we don’t take the timeout for ourselves often enough. A bath regime enhanced by organic and sustainably derived plant based products might become a lost art. Let’s return it to our daily lives. Let’s Recharge!


Escape for a few minutes of well-being to soak in your bathtub to relax, destress, sleep better, revitalize, gently stimulate your circulation and get your metabolism going. Bathing relieves muscle tension strengthens your immune system. Add carefully selected bath products and bring a smile of well-being to your experience.

If so inclined, add a favorite beverage of tea, fresh squeezed juice, or wine, such as a crisp as our Pietro Family Cellars Sauvignon Blanc.


The Secrets of a Great Bath


match your body & mind needs

A bath can support relaxing, stimulation and healing, depending on the temperature of the water.



After a stressful day at the office, a tiring workout, or just because you feel like it. Escape the everyday, unwind. The perfect way to benefit your body and soul. A bath can help with mental clarity, relaxation and readiness for sleep.

Temperature: 98-104 ° F / 36-40 ° C

How Long: No longer than 20 minutes.

Home Remedy: Bathe in the upper temperature range if you feel a cold coming on. Pour the bath as close to 104 ° as you are comfortable with, then gradually add hot water as you become accustomed to it. After your hot bath, put on warm cotton nightclothes and slip into bed with plenty of blankets to promote sweating. Drink a big glass of water. Tomorrow will mostly likely be a better day.

Avoid: If your bath water is too hot, you may damage delicate blood vessels and sebaceous glands. Avoid the hot temperature range if you are pregnant, have varicose veins, hemorrhoids, or high blood pressure.

Botanical Enhancement: GC Napa Valley Therapeutic Epsom Bath Salt and Lavender Vineyard Estate Essential oil

GC Napa Valley Lavender-Therapeutic Epsom Bath Salt

Pure cleansing and nourishing The aromatics will bring natural joy to the body and mind. Natural as nature intended.  Botanical ingredients with our lavender essential oil distilled from our certified organic O’Connell Family Vineyard lavender.

A aromatherapy with a few drops of Lavender Vineyard Estate Essential oil to help relax and sleep deeper. Additional health benefits may include headache relief, reduced nervousness or restlessness, according to link

cruelty free | no parabens, paraffin, silicone, surfactants, mineral oils | plant-based | vegan




A warm bath is very calming due to the closer equality of the natural body and ambient temperature, giving gentle encouragement to the natural functions of the body. End your day than sinking into an aromatic bath to soothe your tired, worn-out body. Add Epsom salt to reach a state of renewal with each soak.

Temperature: 80-90° F / 27-34° C

How Long: 15-20 minutes

When: Evening. End your day sinking into an aromatic bath to soothe your tired body!

Mineral Enhancement: GC Napa Valley Therapeutic Epsom Salt

GC Napa Valley O’Connell Vineyard Estate Lavender Essential Oil organically grown, premium grade Epsom Salt (magnesium sulfate).

The Epsom Salt is free of toxins with exceptional purity and high mineral content (magnesium).  It is believed to offer therapeutic value to detox, relieve aches, ease muscles and soften skin. Lavender holistically supports the body and mind. The translucent crystals dissolve easily in a warm bath to renew the body.
Read about: Epsom Salt Bath: Uses, Benefits, and Risks – Healthline  Foot Soak · ‎What You Need to Know About… · ‎7 Ways to Use Bath Salts




A cold bath is revitalizing when you feel tired. It relieves sore, burning muscles. A cold bath can activate and tone the skin. Too much time in an ice bath can have adverse consequences, so stay within the guidelines.

Temperature for Cool bath: 70-80 ° F / 21-27 ° C

After bathing take a gentle walk or go for a jog, to increase your heart rate and circulation increasing the blood supply around your body. This temperature will help with respiration.

When: Mornings

How Long: 15 minutes maximum

Temperature for a Cold bath 70-80 ° F / 15-18 ° C .

A cold bath increases the tone and elasticity of muscles.

When: After workouts.

How Long: 10-15 minutes maximum

When: Mornings or when you have overheated your body.

Temperature for an Ice Bath: 50-59 ° F / 10-15 ° C. This is called cold water immersion (CWI) or cryotherapy. Start with cold tap water, then gradually add ice until you reach the desired temperature- use a thermometer to be sure you don’t go below 50 ° F / 10 ° C .

When: Immediately after an intense exercise session or competition to reduce inflammation to help with muscle pain and soreness. Used by professional athletes.

How Long: 5-10 minutes maximum

Avoid: Chronic use of ice baths, extended bath time beyond 10 minutes and temperatures below 50 ° F / 10 ° C (avoid the risk of hypothermia). Do not take an ice bath if have diabetes 1 or 2,  pre-existing cardiovascular disease or high blood pressure, as it can cause a stroke or heart attack.

Botanical Enhancement: GC Napa Valley Body Refresh Pure Lavender Water

After a cold bath, spray your body with to refresh and tone the skin. It is naturally antimicrobial. An extra benefit is to inhale its mood enhancing and anti-oxidant aromatics that work instantly to make you feel refreshed. Spray on your pillow to encourage sleep. This is 100% pure Lavender water distilled from our certified organic O’Connell Family Vineyard lavender.

cruelty free | no parabens, paraffin, silicone, surfactants, mineral oils | plant-based | vegan




Sebastian Kneipp believed in and experienced the health-promoting power of water and plants. As a young man and priest in Austria in the 1800s, he developed tuberculosis, then an incurable disease. He cured himself with baths and water therapy that he created and that are still offered today. Kneippen (water-treading) was recognized by the German UNESCO Committee as traditional knowledge and practice, an intangible cultural heritage. I experienced a Kneipp Bath of alternating hot and cold water after a day skiing in Lech, Austria. It cured me so well of aches, pains and fatigue, that I danced until midnight and was back on the slopes at 8 am.

Botanical Enhancement: GC Napa Valley Luxury Body Lotion

GC Napa Valley Luxury Body LotionInfused with Seaweed Extract, Marshmallow Root, and Avocado Oil, this rich moisturizing lotion combats dryness with the naturally emollient power of nourishing plant extracts. This lotion is perfect for all skin types and won’t leave a greasy residue.

cruelty free | no parabens, paraffin, silicone, surfactants, mineral oils | plant-based | vegan






The difference between the two baths is the degree of stimulus to the body.

  • THE FULL BATH The water goes up to the neck. This stimulus is greater in the case of the full bath in which the entire body benefits from the water pressure and relaxes.
  • THE THREE-QUARTERS BATH In contrast to a full bath, the water only reaches the chest in a three-quarters bath. The degree of stimulus and circulatory system is less in the case of the three-quarters bath, but still advantageous.
  • LEG BATH Perfect way to bring down the body temperature on a hot day. Fill your tub with cold tap water. Add a little ice if you desire and just dangle your legs into cold water for 10 minutes. You will feel relieved!





Spa Bath & Body

Natural Body Refresh, Pure Body Wash, Lavender Sugar Scrub, Lavender Epsom Salts 8oz, Estate Lavender Bath Bomb 1.5oz (2)

Spa Bath & Body in Wood Box

Spa Bath & Body in Wood Box

Lavender Body Refresh 8oz, Pure Body Wash 8oz,  Nourishing Hand Wash 8oz, Luxury Body Lotion 8oz

Exfoliating Body & Foot Scrub, Lavender 4oz, Natural Estate Lavender Bath Bomb 1.5oz (2), Natural Estate Lavender Bath Bomb 6.5 oz (2) ,Natural Lavender Essential Oil 0.5oz, Natural Lavender Sugar Scrub 4oz, Soap Mitt.



Bathroom temperature: Align your room temperature with your tub temperature

Temperature: 77-86 ° F / 25-30 ° C is perfect

The room temperature plays an important role in the body’s well-being. If necessary, heat the room beforehand to avoid a large temperature difference when you get out of the tub to avoid stress on your body.


Towels & washcloths; Go organic cotton!

Cotton bath towelsAfter your bath, you towel dry exposing your open pores of your skin to potentially absorb chemicals imbedded within its fibers. I suggest certified organic cotton, as other options may have chemicals used to grow cotton within its fibers that are mostly likely harmful to human health and that may not wash out. A large percentage of Non-organic cotton in the U.S. is grown from genetically engineered seeds containing insecticides and herbicides. Not good for us, our ground water and air.




After exercise, long plane trips, stressful work days or being the house dad, a bath is the cure for fatigue, stress, and mood. Epsom salt is a great add as well as essential oils. Lavender is a perfect choice- remember, Yardley English Lavender is the classic soap and shaving crème for men for decades. Try GC Napa Valley essential oil grown in our certified organic O’Connell Family Vineyard Estate Garden. Rosemary and Eucalyptus have fresh aromatics and are available in our GC Napa Valley soap collection, all made in Napa Valley containing ingredients harvested from our certified organic O’Connell Family Vineyard Gardens.

Botanical Enhancement: Botanical Soap Invigor Collection: (2) 2 oz. Estate Rosemary, Estate Eucalyptus 

Our handmade soaps contain coconut oil to lather, no toxic surfactants. Infused with freshly dried Rosemary and Eucalyptus leaves, they gently exfoliate and nourish the skin. Organic essential oils add to a moment of luxury.