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The Estate Cabernet Sauvignon Harvest 2017 is getting closer.

Come visit us!

Harvest 2017 Nature has made things interesting this year with variable weather patterns that are keeping us on our toes. Early, continuous and unprecedented heat spikes with little relief between made field work challenging and kept Wayne and I carefully eyeing the vines. We kept our leaf coverage over the grape bunches later than usual to protect them from burning.  We have had very good success. The flavor in the skins is developing its complexity and the seeds are turning from green to brown to create our signature smooth Cabernet’s. The yield, berry weight and sugars are right where they need to be for our projected harvest date of early to mid October.

The Chardonnay crop was a bit light in volume but absolutely delicious in flavor. It is now finishing fermentation cozy inside French oak barrels. Stay tuned as it develops. It looks like an excellent year.

Chocolate Tasting at Gabrielle Collection taste +Enjoy our Vineyard to Table Food & Wine Experience– taste the grapes in our vineyard then go to our new tasting room to savor tasty bites paired with delicious wines

As the harvest flurry of action is moving toward bringing in Cabernet Sauvignon, it is a great time to come to Napa Valley. Welcome to Sip, Savor & Shop at Gabrielle Collection taste+ in downtown Napa- the new hot spot for tasting ultra-premium wines.


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