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Hosting Thanksgiving?

Over the years we have been asked for suggestions on how to make the Thanksgiving holiday special.  From the wines to pair with each course, to the finish that will make your guests experience the meal in a way they will never forget.  Holidays should be memorable.  We have found that when we split the Thanksgiving meal into courses, we can slow down the entire experience.  Each course gives guest more time to talk and enjoy each course individually.

Thanksgiving Wine PairingsThanksgiving Wine Pairings

We are often asked about wine pairings for special occasions like Thanksgiving.  For your first wine with a nice salad or appetizers start with a wonderful Sauvignon Blanc like ours from  Pietro Family Cellars. We also recommend that you have several wine choices available for your guests for the main course including a Chardonnay like our from Pietro Family Cellars or a elegantly balanced red blend like the Gabrielle Collection Juxtaposition.

In luxury restaurants throughout the world, guests finish their dining experience with an aromatic warm cloth to refresh their hands. This thoughtful but easy gesture it Is a wonderful way to say thank your guests for sharing a meal with you. Here is our secret recipe from Napa for our lavender refresh cloth.  We have the recipe for them HERE.

Most importantly, if you are a guest, please remember to bring a gift for your host.  We have many great options in our Napa Valley Gabrielle Collection taste + experience with wine & food pairings as well as Organic Napa Origin gifts that would be great for the Holidays.  Or you can order them online in our Holiday Collection.

From our family to yours, We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday.

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