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Not all soaps are created equal. When we started researching soap we realized that it was incredibly important to create a beautiful, hand crafted soap that was a clean and pure as possible. The skin is the largest organ in our body and it absorbs so much from our environment. We wanted to offer a nourishing alternative with the quality and purity that you expect from us.

The bounty of our vineyard estate is captured in the essence of our soap. We use estate organic botanical ingredients and organic essential oils. No harsh solvents, surfactants, chemically extracted fragrances, or parabens. Coconut oil provides natural lather and moisturizes the body, leaving skin soft.


Naturally exfoliate with organic dried flowers and leaves, while surrounded by essential oil essences. Our handmade artisan soaps are specifically made to exfoliate while nourishing your body.

Many of our ingredients are sourced on our Napa Valley Estate. Our lavender is harvested from our fields and crafted into our products in small batches for freshness and quality.

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Organic leaves and flowers are suspended inside pure glycerin hand-poured soap. Each soap is an an individually hand-poured art piece. We make these in small batches for freshness and quality.

Whether bathing or showering, your ritual just became a luxury. Sea Salt is a natural skin softener while gently removing dry skin. Organic essential oils fill the air with non-toxic aromatics.

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