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Many Uses for our GC Napa Valley Culinary Products:

While our recipes include our culinary products we found that many of our Wine Country Foodie Club members have leftover products from their shipments.  We want to ensure that everyone can find a use for our products outside of our recipes.

Combine  our rich a beautiful olive oil with our flavorful infused sea salts, specialty peppers and our freshly harvested dried herbs.  

One of our favorite ingredients that is often shipped fresh with our Wine Country Foodie Club shipments is our GC Napa Valley Olive Oils.  We suggest that you use these to make a wonderful bread dipping oils. Select a crusty French or sourdough bread. I love freshly baked Rosemary bread. If you are trying to cut the breads out of your diet, dipping oils are a fantastic addition to a veggie tray.

Our olive oils pair so well with our salts, peppers, and herbs.  Create new flavors that enhance your breads as an appetizer, or paired along with a nice charcuterie board filled with olives, meats, and cheeses.  You really can’t go wrong.  

Here are some of my favorite combinations for our GC Napa Valley Olive Oils:

Warning this is so delicious the bread will disappear quickly, especially with friends.  Explore how to host Shared Entertaining experience HERE.