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Deluxe Olive Oil Tasting

Napa Valley is known for wine, but did you know that it is also known for olive oil? California is home to America’s native Mission Olive brought to the United States by Spanish missionaries. Olive Oil is known for the many health benefits it provides, as well as being absolutely scrumptious!

Interested in what’s going on in Napa Valley beyond just wine? Love Olive Oil? Want to know more?

Bottles of olive oilReserve your Deluxe Olive Oil Tasting at Gabrielle Collection taste+ to enjoy Olive Oil flights and pairings from our Wine and Food Experience offerings.  Begin with the dos and don’ts, history and health benefits of olive oil while tasting great and defective olive oils to empower your knowledge and appreciation. Get the answers to… what is extra virgin olive oil? what is not? how to store olive oil? what is quality? how to cook with it? how to pair olive oil with food and wine? Get answers while dipping, sipping, and pairing.

Drizzle bites with exquisite extra virgin and citrus olive oils to transform food from simple to gourmet. Add a touch of GC Napa Valley vineyard farm to table organic herb infused sea salts and dashes of artisan pepper and you are an instant gourmet chef! The final touch- pair your creations with a flight of wines selected from O’Connell Family Wines.  A bonus…take home an original wine country olive oil recipe.


 We invite you to enjoy a hands-on olive oil tasting experience

Drizzling olive oil onto plateCost: $45 per person, duration 1 hour. By Reservation only. To reserve link, email Call or text 707-815-0364. Gabrielle Collection taste+ 1000 Main St. Napa Ca.


A bit of background

Gabrielle Leonhard O’Connell completed the University of California Davis Olive Oil Tasters Certification Program. This vigorous program enabled her to detect defects that need to be identified to certify an extra virgin olive oil is defect free. This is required to be classified as an extra virgin olive oil. Gabrielle founded the California Olive Oil Culinary Guild to educate California chefs on all aspects of high-grade extra-virgin olive oil. In her research to document California olive history, Gabrielle discovered a grove of original Mission olive trees. She raised the money to restore the trees, propagated new trees from them and today makes extra virgin estate olive oil from these trees to capture and retain an important part of California’s agricultural heritage.