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Citrus Recipes

Citrus is an antioxidant and packed with vitamin C, citrus is a health boost and a delicious way to heighten flavors of a dish. Then add a touch of wine to complete. As part of the Gabrielle Collection of O’Connell Family Wines, GC Napa Valley Culinary encourages everyone to explore new flavors with an eye to health and a focus on easy recipes that focus on vineyard farm direct ingredients into your cooking repertoire.

Why you should cook with citrus in the winter.

The fresher the citrus the more organically derived vitamin C is added to your meals.  Winter is citrus season in California.  Harvest brings many opportunities to cook with citrus when the fruit is at its peak in flavor and nutrients.  Use all parts of citrus, including the peel, which contains significant vitamins and antioxidants. Whole citrus, like preserved lemon, bring a punch of flavor of grains, poultry and stews.  The lemon skin is delicious! Freshly grated, healthy zest of citrus accents salads, fish, goat cheese and roasted vegetables. Citrus not only helps boost your immune system and helps with digestion, it is a culinary treat.

Cooking with Citrus on our Napa Valley Estate

We have so many wonderful citrus trees on our Vineyard Estate here in Napa Valley.  Each season we develop culinary products that incorporate ingredients from our organic gardens and incorporate them into our recipes.  We pick citrus when fully ripe with maximum health benefits from December to April. Citrus is a key ingredient in GC Napa Valley Culinary cold-pressed olive oils, infused sea salts, honey and sugars to create organic culinary products with the essence of just picked fresh flavor from lemons, limes, oranges and grapefruits.

Citrus is often the star of our tasty bites served during our Wine and Food Tasting Experiences. Join our Wine Country Foodie Club to receive original recipes, an entertaining menu, and O’Connell Family Wines pairing suggestions to your doorstep. Please visit our website to explore original recipes at Wine Country Foodie and purchase our GC Napa Valley Culinary artisan condiments. We want to inspire you to explore new flavors and enjoy making new favorite recipes with your family and friends.

New Citrus Recipes from our Estate

This season we have developed 5 new recipes to help you explore different citrus favors. Gabrielle Leonhard O’Connell, Founder and Culinary Creator of GC Napa Valley, watches her estate citrus closely to harvest at the optimum time to create the highest quality natural culinary ingredients used in each recipe.  Try whipping citrus sugar into your whipped cream, adding lime sea salt into a fresh cilantro lime dressing, and topping your chicken with a fresh citrus salsa with orange honey. These recipes delight your taste buds with the fresh flavors accented by citrus.