Chardonnay Wine Pairing Options

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Wine Paring Suggestions for Chardonnay

Pairing Chardonnay wine with the right food can be difficult.  When creating a dinner menu, it is often helpful to have some suggestions on the wine pairings.  However when you know what meat goes with what wine is only so helpful.  We have some excellent recipes for our Wine Country Foodie members that pair our exquisite Napa wines with recipes that perfectly compliment their tannin’s. There is an art to wine pairing, and we are here to help take the guess work out of it.


Chardonnay can take on many different essences.  From a lovely buttery classic style of oak-aged Chardonnay wine. A Chardonnay that is unoaked verses one that is can have a variety of rich flavors.  In addition, the ripeness of the grapes has a lot to do with flavor that develops in a good chardonnay.  The O’Connell Family produces a lovely buttery chardonnay in our Pietro Family Cellars collection.  Produced with the classic French formula- only 30% of the wine touches oak, to give body.  In our chardonnay only 30% of the juice will go though malolactic fermentation- the process to provide the buttery flavors and makes the wine smooth and creamy. A delicious food and sipping wine.  

Wine Pairing Chardonnay

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