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LavenderI grew up in an environment where natural was the rule. My mother, a chemist, was quick to analyze package ingredients and outright reject processed and non-fresh foods, medicines (except when necessary) and toxic cleaning agents for garden fresh food, botanical remedies and natural cleaning agents. I embrace the natural approach today and am proud of our CCOF Certified Organic certification. We grow vegetables, fruits and herbs- lavender is by far my favorite.

The French have long embraced lavender to heal, sooth and enhance their everyday life. Fresh lavender is used for floral arrangement; dried for potpourri and sachets.

Provence culinary lavender has been the main-stay in Mediterranean, specifically French cooking. Awesome in deserts, on fish and meat, and wherever that “little extra flavoring” is desired. Lavender flowers are the core of Herb des Provence, ground lavender makes delicious sugar cookies, ice cream, syrups to use in drinks, salad dressings, lavender lemonade and where floral aromatics when enhances a dish… Join our Decanter Society Foodie to receive inspired original recipes highlighting Provence lavender salt, pepper, and infused honey. We made our popular estate Organic Lavender Infused Honey and Culinary Lavender Sea Salts from freshly ground lavender.

Gabrielle in the LavenderDid you know Lavender has a host of benefits in skin care? To extend our offering of the beneficial lavender plant, we took the next step and expanded to a spa line. July is harvest for our Provence lavender fields and this amazing herb enters into my everyday life whenever possible. It helps the skin heal itself by stimulating cell growth, reducing inflammation, preventing scarring and balancing the production of oil- all perfect when fighting acne and problem skin. It also is antiseptic, antiviral, and antibacterial.*

The body absorbs lavender essential oil through the nose; the scent is transported into your olfactory mucous membrane sending electrical impulses to the brain, which affect both body functions and emotions. During a massage or aroma bath the essential oils are absorbed into the skin and enter the blood circulation. Relaxation is waiting for you! I formulated Spa products for personal use, then by request by friends, expanded it beyond home borders.

Dogs love lavender too. It calm their nerves and relieves itchy skin just like for humans. But don’t use for cats, it can cause serious liver damage. I formulated our Pooch products for our vineyard dogs. All natural and they love them- as do I.

My mother was right when she avoided toxins form cleaning products- I recently read that cleaning products are very detrimental to our lungs. So, I created an Air refresh, Counter Refresh and Hand Wash– all naturally antibacterial and antiseptic but in contract to chemical cleaners, it is also an antioxidant!

Provence Lavender is a very hardworking herb!
All GC Napa Valley products are available at and in our downtown Napa tasting room location.

*Based on independent studies, not FDA research