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The 3 Course Meal Plan for the Meat Lover

Everyone has one, the meat lover. The best way to the meat lover’s heart is through a great steak and sides that perfectly compliment it. They want appetizers that wow and finish with something sweet. Planning a the perfect meal for the meat lover in your life can be tricky, but we have a few recipes that make it easier!

First the Appetizer:

We recommend an Tomato & Burrata Accordion it is the perfect started for any meal and looks beautiful when served. With only 5 minutes of prep time needed, it is the perfect starter for your meat lover.

Pro tip- don’t put your tomatoes in the refrigerator. Leave them on your counter for a day and they will continue to ripen. If you buy fresh basil from the store place the stems in water to keep them fresh.

Main Meat-lover Course:

What could be more perfect for the meat-lover than the most perfect steak. So often we grill steak, and while grilling adds a ruggedness to the meat, it isn’t the only way to cook a great steak. We would love for you to try our Seared Filet Mignon with Cabernet Pan Sauce with a side of our Gouda Mashed Potatoes and a side of Whole Leaf Broccolini. Pair this with our Gabrielle Collection Cabernet Sauvignon Juxtaposition.

Dessert Course:

Finish your meat-lovers 3 course meal with our Rustic Orange Olive Oil Brownies. The perfect balance of sweet with a hint of citrus. It is the perfect ending to a perfect meal. You may also want to try our Cabernet Salted Chocolate Dipped Strawberries after a nice steak dinner.

Pro-Tip: Keep the Strawberries on the counter and not in the fridge it will help the chocolate to stick to the strawberry better.

3 Course Meal for the Seafood Lover

Not everyone is a fan of red meat. We get it, and who would miss it with these great seafood dishes?

Seafood Lovers Appetizer:

Zesty Citrus Pickled Shrimp

Most people do not realize that winter is citrus season. Enjoy the fresh flavor of our Zesty Citrus Pickled Shrimp as an appetizer over our Forbidden Black Rice with Quick ‘Preserved’ Lemon or a lovely Winter White Salad with Cilantro-Lemon Vinaigrette. Pair these with our Pietro Family Cellars Sauvignon Blanc.

Main Dish for Seafood Lovers:

There is nothing like the most perfectly cooked Salmon. Our Grilled Parchment Steamed Salmon Dressed with Fragrant Fish Rub pairs wonderfully with a side of rice or on top of a beautiful salad like Gabrielle’s Wild Rice Herb Salad pair salmon with our Pietro Family Cellars Chardonnay


JOIN Wine Country Foodie

With the citrus flavors in the appetizer and main dish for our seafood lovers, we thought pairing our Lavender Lemon White Chocolate Mousse with Marjoram Sea Salt Accent would be the perfect finish. This gorgeous dessert brings that hint of citrus to a lovely finish. Pair this with our lovely 2016 Pietro Family Cellars Chardonnay and enjoy!

3 Course Meal for Vegetarians

For all of our veggie lovers we have a the perfect three course meal planned for you. Not only will these dishes plate beautifully for your Valentine, they are full of beautiful colors and flavors sure to surprise any pallet.

The Appetizer:

Goat Cheese Crostini with Toasted Almonds

When we think of great flavors married together to create a perfect medley of sweet and savory we immediately think of our Goat Cheese Crostini with Toasted Almonds the surprise burst of dried cherries makes this perfect for Valentine’s Day. Pair it with a nice glass of Gabrielle Collection Equilateral Cabernet Sauvignon.

The Main Dish for Vegetarians:

When choosing a main dish for a vegetarian make sure you pick something with lots of color and texture. We happen to really love our Pumpkin and Pomegranate Salad and if you cannot find fresh pumpkin you can substitute butternut squash. The pomegranate on top of this salad is really beautiful and the colors of this salad really make it lovely. Pair this with a lovely Pietro Family Cellars Field Blend Red Wine .

Vegetarian Dessert:

Truffles 3 ways

We really love our Grand Marnier Glazed Bananas it is a rich and creamy way to finish your meal. Or if you prefer something you can make ahead of time you can always try our simple Cabernet Chocolate Truffles 3 Ways. Each variation of chocolate truffle finishes with a rich finish just perfect to pair with our Gabrielle Limited Cask 321 Cabernet Sauvignon

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