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Sauvignon Blanc Reserve 2018

Pietro Family Cellars Sauvignon Blanc Reserve 2018 wine bottle

Inspired by Grandfather Pietro’s Old World Values... A wine with honest expression of the soil


Sauvignon Blanc Reserve
Napa Valley 2018

The imprint of family values is found in today’s PIETRO FAMILY CELLARS wines – make an authentic fine wine that is an honest expression of the grape and the soil at a price that allows frequent enjoyment with family and friends.


81% Sauvignon Blanc 19% Sémillon

The Wine

As the saying goes, wine is made in the vineyard. We believe with respectful and artful winemaking practices, we can bring out the best natural attributes of what mother nature created. Our Sauvignon Blanc was harvested in mid-September 2018, showing great acidity and fruitiness, making it the greater sipper and food wine we all love. The Sémillon was left to hang additional time to late September to bring out the succulent honey and ripe melon fruitiness. Our style is a Napa Valley interpretation of Bordeaux style Sauvignon Blanc that is crisp yet full bodied with mouth coating deliciousness and made to age. Pure stainless steel fermentation of Sauvignon Blanc preserves clean, crisp finish notes enhanced by the lightly French oak barrel aged Sémillon to offer depth and body. The wine is aged sur lees, in contact with the inactive yeast cells until bottling for depth, richness and flavor.

Tasting Notes

Luscious musk melon, peach and tropical notes with lemon peel aromatics.


The Sauvignon Blanc and Sémillon grapes were grown in Pope Valley at an elevation 715 feet at the Whisky River Ranch Vineyard using sustainable farming practices. Hot daytime temperatures ripen the fruit to perfection and 55 degree nights maintain beautiful acidity.

Food Pairing

Sip as an aperitif. Pair with goat, sheep and soft cheeses, shellfish, salmon and crisp salads.

Oak Program

Stainless steel fermented, sur lees for 24 months .

Case Production

303 Cases


Drinkable now. Our Sauvignon Blanc Reserve with Sémillon ages well for 10+ years!