Gabrielle Collection

2014 Juxtaposition Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa County

Juxtaposition 2014 wine bottle

An Artistic Expression of Cabernet Sauvignon Handcrafted by Gabrielle


The Gabrielle Collection produces a collection of handcrafted Cabernet Sauvignons that bring out the diverse personalities of the noble Cabernet grape through artful blending. Each wine has a unique name & label, which all together embody Gabrielle’s philosophy of winemaking.


76% Cabernet Sauvignon 12% Syrah 12% Petite Syrah

The Wine

Juxtaposition means relationship; side by side; combination- a perfect name for the food and wine experience. Gabrielle envisioned a signature wine to delight foodies- velvet in the mouth yet elegantly balanced. The blend of Cabernet Sauvignon & Syrah was it! Chefs have juxtaposed this wine with a broad range of dishes from fish to fowl to game meats. The dish was better because of the wine and the wine better because of the dish. The 2014 was another great vintage of perfect ripening with classic elegance.

Tasting Notes

This wine makes statement! Engaging aromas burst out of the glass, followed by flavors of wild blackberry, leather and spice.


The Cabernet Sauvignon was harvested in October from the O’Connell Family Estate Vineyard Creek Block, located in Oak Knoll District. The grapes from this block have amazing structure and longevity due to the sand and gravel soil structure. The estate vineyard lends depth, richness & complexity.

Food Pairing

The blend of Cabernet Sauvignon goes with so many dishes, from meat to fowl to the sea- grilled salmon with sautéed leeks, mashed potatoes with jalapeño olive oil sautéed kale, wild boar, 5 spice chicken, grilled vegetables with garlic infused olive oil drizzle, holiday turkey. And it is great to just sip!

Oak Program

Barrel aged in French Oak 42 months.

Case Production

192 cases


Drinkable now. Cellar worthy for 20+ years.