Gabrielle Limited

Diamond 2007

Diamond 2007 wine bottle

Exclusive wines, handcrafted in very small lots, available only from the Winery


“GABRIELLE LIMITED Cabernet Sauvignons represent my personal inspiration of classic Cabernet blends that capture an expression of Napa’s terrior. “ – Gabrielle


75% Cabernet Sauvignon, 25% Merlot

The Wine

The 2007 vintage of DIAMOND marks the debut of the Appellation Series -the newest addition to the GABRIELLE LIMITED distinctive Cabernet Sauvignons. Gabrielle selects the most prestigious Napa Valley Appellations, with distinctive soil and climate attributes and makes a wine to express that unique a sense of place. Fruit from this mountain is difficult to obtain because it is the source of many highly rated wines beloved by wine aficionados.

Tasting Notes

Gabrielle’s interpretation of Diamond Mountain terroir sparkles with vibrant dense dark fruit and dark chocolate with refined tannins on the finish- classic traits of prized mountain fruit. Pure velvet in the mouth.


The Diamond Mountain District Appellation became an American Viticultural Area in 2001 with a history of 138 years of grape farming. It has 500 acres of vineyards located in California’s Mayacamas Mountains (400 to 1800 ft elevation) in the northeast portion of Napa Valley, which produce highly rated and prized Bordeaux varietals.

Climate: Moderately warm temperatures with lower maximum temperatures and higher minimum temperatures than the north Napa Valley floor, due to topography and altitude. Rainfall: 40 to 55 inches (135 cm) annually.

Soils: Residual uplifted soils of volcanic origin, often reddish, very fine-grained to gritty in texture, composed of both weathered sedimentary and volcanic origin. The porous soil allows the area to cool down quickly in the evening giving the grapes a chance to rest during the night- a necessary attribute of high quality growing areas in the world.

Food Pairing

Perfectly suited for a beautiful Filet Mignon.

Oak Program

Aged in new French Oak for 24 months Medium Plus Toast

Case Production

Very limited production: 4 Barrels (78 Cases) Allocated Release


A firmly structured wine with 15+ year cellaring potential, yet as all GABRIELLE wines, can be happily consumed as a young wine.