Our Story

PIETRO FAMILY CELLARS was founded in honor of Grandfather Pietro’s tradition of winemaking, and his celebration of great food and wine with family and friends. Born in Calabria in the late 1800’s, Pietro left Italy to become a premier farmer in Northern California, where his immaculate orchard and vineyard reflected a deep love of the soil. He handcrafted classic Napa Valley wines inspired from the Old Country, with the help of his grandson Wayne O’Connell a Napa Valley Vintner today, and other family members. Memories of welcoming, lively family meals prepared by Grandmother Angelina enriched by a hearty wine to toast life’s simple and special moments, sparked an ongoing passion for wine and food in future generations. The first release of PIETRO FAMILY CELLARS wines was in 2006 to mark Pietro’s vineyard planting 100 years ago.

The imprint of family values is found in today’s PIETRO FAMILY CELLARS wines – make an authentic fine  Napa Valley wine that is an honest expression of the grape and the soil at a price that allows frequent enjoyment with family and friends.