OCFV Release Allocation

An Exclusive Opportunity to Collect the Luxurious

OCFV Cabernet Sauvignon and OCFV Inte+gra+tion are rare and available only to “THE LIST” Members.

All OCFV O’Connell Family Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignons, Oak Knoll District of Napa Valley are available to the OCFV Estate Allocation Reservation List “THE LIST”. The wines are very limited production and demand is high, so releases are reserved for “THE LIST” members.

Join “The List”

We have opening for a few new members and invite you to join by completing the information below. Once “THE LIST” is full, we are pleased to you on our Waiting List. You will be notified of the Release and your Reservation Allocation bottle quantity 10 days prior to shipment and can request allocation adjustments or terminate membership* from “THE LIST”. Unless we receive written notification of cancellation or modification 4 days prior to the shipment date, you have agreed to receive your allocation and the wine will be automatically billed and shipped. If production is less than Allocation Reservations requested, we will reduce everyone’s allocation proportionately. Additional allocations, if available, will be offered with priority based on “THE LIST” sign-up seniority, Decanter Society VIP membership and Decanter Society seniority. *Once you terminate, you can request to be placed on the Waiting List for “THE LIST” MEMBERSHIP.