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Wine Country Foodie NOV 2020 Shipment

Pumpkins are ingrained in our heritage, embracing thoughts of pumpkin carvings, welcoming pumpkin lanterns on doorsteps, and Thanksgiving celebrations. Pumpkins roasting in an oven can fill a house with splendid scents of autumn and its vibrant orange hue sets a cheerful fall holiday tone. This fall squash is the inspiration for our holiday Foodie shipment. It is a perfect canvas for our artisan GC Napa Valley products to create delicious pumpkin inspired festive recipes. Plus, pumpkin has health benefits to boost our immune system. As always, we focus on the purity of ingredients that lend to natural flavors with simple cooking techniques to make cooking a joy. … Read More

Time to Order Wine Barrels:

Springtime here at the O’Connell Family Vineyard Estate is a season ripe with excitement with the promise only a new growing season can bring. During our daily forays through the vineyard, life springs up around us.… Read More


I have pondered, what is a life well lived for me and for those dear to me? My reoccurring core value centered around respect and celebration…to thrive from the gifts of the earth and in turn enable the earth to thrive. Then to celebrate the joys of well-being. It begins at my back door at O’Connell Family Vineyard Estate Gardens and extends to you with…… Read More

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